Tour Duration – How long does a tour last?

Our tours last between 45 mins – 50mins, depending on boat traffic on the river. Longer tours can be arranged.


We will refund your deposit/payment for a tour in full up to the day before your booking. On the day by 10 am we will refund of 75% of full payment. After 10 am on the day no refund.

Cancellation due to weather – must be decided by 10am on the day of tour to get a 75% refund, Evening Tours can be refunded in full if decided by 12:00pm on the day of the booking.


What are your opening hours?

We are open from 10am until 5pm, we do stay open later than 5pm in the high season June, July, August and weekends in September. The first tour doesn’t necessarily depart at 10am, as we have to gather customers for the boat. If the day is raining heavily , there are extreme winds, or the river is running very fast due to previous heavy rains we may have to close on advice of the River Management body. In inclement weather please call us to check if we are open.

Can we give punting a go ourselves during the tour?

It depends on a few factors:

  • Who else is in the boat.
  • How far away are you sitting from the guide.
  • How busy the river is.
  • How long the tour has been out already – the guides get into trouble if they take too long!!

It is usually ok, please do ask if you are interested, but allow the chauffeur to decide if it is suitable.

What if it rains?

Well, if it’s just a little light rain we’ll just go anyway. We’ve got umbrellas and blankets so you’ll be just fine. If it’s a torrential downpour whilst on a tour, we will stop under a bridge and wait until it stops. If you have a ticket already you can go another day – rearrange your ticket with the cashier.

What if I can’t make my booking/ I’m running late?

If you’ve made a booking we expect to see you, however if there’s a problem please do give us a call.

Refunds are given up to the day before the booking. Please call for details on refunds.

If you are running late we will try and accommodate you – however we have full bookings schedule typically and therefore can wait a max of 10 mins for customers who are running late, as any delays beyond that effect the rest of our schedule. We will try and rebook you if our day allows for that. Please call us as soon as you know there is a delay.

Do you do self-hire?


Do you accept credit cards?


Can I just turn up?

Yes, our small independent operation operates most days from April to November. We always have staffed based on Quayside – by the river. If you cannot see anyone, there, then we have a cashier’s desk further down Quayside with the red umbrella, with a member of staff permanently stationed there to answer any queries, take bookings, or sell you a ticket there and then.

When is the latest I can book a tour online?

We are the only operator in Cambridge to offer same day e-tickets, so you . can book online and turn up 5 minutes later to reserve your tour time

Do I get a ticket?

Whether you book online or at our Punt Station you will, of course, get a ticket.

Can I bring my own food and drink?

Of course you can, that’s no problem at all. We are happy to recommend places to buy food to bring along in the vicinity, or, we can of course, arrange it all for you.

Can we decorate the punt?

You are very welcome to decorate the punt yourself or ask us to do it for you. We do need a bit of warning of course.

What days are you open?

Every day from April to November – unless it is raining very heavily all morning – then it is best to call to check.

Is it safe for children?

YES. There is no minimum age and we can provide life jackets upon request.

Can we leave a bag, pram or stroller somewhere before we go?

They can be loaded onto the punt with you – space / capacity allowing. Or you can leave them with our cashier.

Should I tip the guide?

There is no obligation to tip what-so-ever, however if you’ve enjoyed yourself it is common to tip.

How difficult is it to go on a punting tour?

If you can sit on the floor and get back up again (even with a bit of help) then you will be just fine.

Is there disabled access?

We can’t wheel a chair onto a punt but it is possible to lift someone into a punt.

Are the tours always return or can you go one way?

Our tours are private and so we can do whatever you’d like, however we’ve got a popular route. We tend to go from Jesus Green up to the Mill Pond and turn round to come back. If you really wanted us to do a slow tour from one end to the other and drop you off this can be arranged.

Can we give punting a go ourselves during the private tour?

That’s absolutely no problem at all and in fact the chauffeur often offers a bit of tuition if you’re interested in giving it a go yourself. Be warned it’s not as easy as we make it look.