Cambridge at Christmas is a rejuvenation to the eyes with the twinkling Cambridge Christmas lights that welcomes homie and foreigners with all grace. The season is full of surprises that would make anyone excited about the forthcoming.

The December winter is the most celebrated season worldwide as it is the festive season of Christmas. The Cambridge city marks the involvement of sophisticated Christmas with the Cambridge Christmas Lights and some snow covering the cobbled streets and the iconic Cambridge historic buildings that stand out in opulence.

Above all, whatever the season might be, however cold it would be, the most popular attraction of Cambridge always remains the same: nothing could beat the adventure and rejuvenation the punting in Cambridge offers. The Cambridge punting is open all year round. For some, punting during winter is a freezing idea. But the fact is, punting along the River Cam in the frosting winter offers red-lettered memories that we could cherish for an entire lifetime.

Punting during Winter

With an end to tourists season, punting in winter is a tranquil piece of adventure. With an end to the tourists season, and colleges being closed for vacation, the cold weather marks the beginning of a serene ambience with the tranquil river bed letting the stunning views speak for themselves.

Punting during winter is a pleasant atmosphere devoid of the hassle-bustles. The Cambridge College Backs offer tranquillity with the daffodil and cherry blossoms and the serene ambience as the college closes for festive vacation. With no traffic with self-hires

along the way and no peak-time traffic issues, you can plan your punting tour any time of the day throughout the season. 

The mornings of the Cambridge Christmas season is covered with snow all over, but gliding through the tranquil river in dawn brings long-lasting memories. Meanwhile, the punting at night is more vibrant with the glims of Cambridge Christmas Lights that cover the entire city. Even the college buildings and trees gleam in the night with thin strands of light.

The Cambridge Christmas Carols

There is nothing like praising the birth of Jesus Christ with the joyous Christmas carols. The traditional songs passed down to us from our ancestors get us into the mood for Christmas. And Cambridge at Christmas has this unique way of celebrating by combining the auspicious event of Christmas Carols with punting in Cambridge.

The celebration starts with the choir service at the Cambridge Churches on the first Sunday of December. The choir team sings the traditional Christmas Carols that embrace the legacy and fill our hearts. Some choir teams spread the serene and tranquillity to the city by singing our favourite Christmas carols while punting in a punt along the River Cam.

This event is unique to the land of Cambridge and you can join in this special event by punting in Cambridge with the warm blankets on and singing in harmony while glancing at the shimmering Cambridge Christmas Lights. To boost your energy, while singing in the cold weather, there will be a lot of viewers cheering you on the edge of the river and the Cambridge bridges.

Photographers Paradise!

Cambridge winter is the ideal paradise for the ones longing to get the portraits of Cambridge and the River Cam. The city offers a wonderland to photographers all day throughout the Christmas season. Punting during winters is a perfect chance to get the glorious shots of the architectural masterpieces, scenery and wildlife, not swamped with traffic. 

While the Cambridge Christmas Lights in the evening provide a sassy and sophisticated portrayal of the city, the dawns mark the serenity.