Cambridge Quayside: The Cosmopolitan City
Cambridge Quayside

In the heart of the historical city of Cambridge resides the Quayside, built in the 1980s that is one of the busiest areas in the town, even after decades.

Cambridge Quayside is a vital part of Cambridge, usually considered its heart, and it attracts both tourists and locals alike. The Cambridge Quayside was constructed by redeveloping one of the last traditional riverside industrial areas of the city.

Cambridge Quayside serves as the exciting part of the city as it is always lively. This place is always awake. The area is an entertainment hub for tourists and locals who gather for a night ride at one of the local places, sitting by the River Cam, enjoying the breeze, listening to the street music or choosing the best and most thrilling option, going for stress and huddle free punting in Cambridge. Quayside is the most popular spot for tourists attraction in Cambridge as it is always awake and offers people a variety of activities for relaxation.

Magdalene College and the Cambridge Quayside

The Magdalene College on the adjacent sides of the river extends its buildings to surround the Quayside. A stone was incorporated into one of the Quayside buildings to celebrate the restoration. The stone has the year 1989 highlighted in it. It also has the French motto, “Grade ta Foy”, meaning “Keep the Faith”. Buildings with great historical significance surround the Quayside. When compared to them, the Quayside buildings have no historical significance. However, it is aesthetically set near the river past the busy and historical Bridge Street.

The Magdalene College is located at the north end of the city centre, and River Cam flows along. The college is at an easily walkable distance from King’s College. The black and white half-timbered historic structures, close to the river, similar to the Old Court of Queen’s College, makes the college attractive.

Quayside Buildings

On the River Cam, Magdalene College serves as a picturesque traditional college at the north end of the city centre. The Quayside is a prominent site on the south bank of the River Cam, almost 2 mins walk from Magdalene Street. The building is the only urban riverside open space accessible to the citizens and tourists in Cambridge. It has riverside shops and Quayside Cambridge restaurants along with a car parking facility. The ground floor offers entertainment and leisure activities, while the upper floors have offices and research and development spaces.

The River Cam and Quayside Buildings

The River Cam connects Cambridge with the Great Ouse. You can access the middle part of River Cam from Quayside, and it is also a favourite spot for Cambridge punting. The place will be crowded with people sitting on the riverside and spending leisure time with friends and family during the summer. The Quayside bars and restaurants extend their facilities to open spaces for people to eat and sip their meals along with a pleasant conversation. This sophisticated area serves as the best spot to spend quality time with our beloveds.

However, the purpose, function and ambience of this area change with the season. Unlike the summer, the bars provide a cosy place for meetups and conversations after roaming about the streets and riverside during winter. The windows from the bars provide a glance into the serene scenery for the tourists to enjoy from the cafe’s cosy interiors. Punting through the river cam, wrapped in a blanket and enjoying the drinks from the bar adds warmth and calmness to our soul. Thus, irrespective of season, Quayside offers a picturesque at any time of the year.

The Best Attractions in Quayside

When we ask tourists and locals why they love Quayside more, the answers may vary. But Quayside always serves as one of their favourite space in Cambridge. Here is a list of few features that make Quayside peculiar.

1. Punting

The most winning answer! Punting through the Backs of Cambridge colleges is the most favourite leisure activity for more than 90% of the people in Cambridge. The 45 minutes punting trip offers a glide through the river from the vintage buildings of Cambridge university to the modern Quayside buildings. It is a magical feel to glide under the Cambridge bridges and enjoy the cool breeze and calm and serene nature, along with listening to the history of Cambridge from the punter.

2. People

To spend time with great people who brightens our days is a blessing. Hanging out with our friends and family and enjoying quality time with them is bliss.

3. Jesus Green

This park is a favourite spot to chill out with your beloveds. It is a perfect place for romantic dates with its riverside view. You can also do a wine and barbeque party with your loved ones at this spot.

4. Eating out

It is always a pleasure to watch the aesthetics of Cambridge from a Quayside Cafe and enjoy your lovely meal.

5. The Hotels

Tourists are attracted to the comfortable rooms, luxurious spa and tasty meals from the hospitable Quayside hotel and spa. The hotels also provide a rooftop bar where the tourists can enjoy Cambridge’s full view and enjoy their favourite drink.

6. Birds by the river

The Cam river is also the favourite spot for ducks and swans who swim in the vastness of the river. Children like feeding them while enjoying their punting trips.

Thus, Cambridge Quayside serves as a cosmopolitan area where tourists and locals love to spend their time. This modern building is an escape from the worries, a place of relaxation and entertainment.

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